Whispers from Our Soul - The Voice of Tahkamenon

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Our resource is divided into thematic sections, where everyone will necessarily find something for themselves. Our links are always in a working condition. He maintains a website of area poetry events and edits an annual anthology of Hampton Roads Poetry, Skipping Stones.

Since then, her novels have consistently garnered four stars from Romantic Times Book Club and numerous online review sites. She is the managing editor of the columns section of Moondance Magazine.

Lisa Roney, Ph. Her memoir, Sweet Invisible Body: Reflections on a Life with Diabetes offers a devastating portrait of a young life altered by diabetes.

Anne Meek , assistant editor of Skipping Stones, an annual anthology of poetry, also writes short stories and poems and collects interviews, memoirs, family writings, and historical sources for a planned biography of her father. She has been a Book Acquisition editor and a managing editor for an education magazine. Shortly after that, Tahkamenon established contact with Wilkinson.

Tahkamenon brings a message of universal love and hope.

His words are exceptionally lyrical and filled with the beauty of unfaltering love. Your soul is divine.

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The answers are within you if only you will allow yourself enough peace to hear the melody, to flow within the rhythm, to find comfort in the words.