Violet and the Werewolves (Joining with the Werewolves Part 1)

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In the woods there is a clearing and in the clearing there is a locked shed and the shed contains a velocipede. Sometimes Werewolf goes to the clearing and unlocks the shed and takes out the velocipede.

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Sometimes Werewolf rides the velocipede in smaller and smaller circles until the velocipede nearly tips over. Dave suspects that some mornings it is not just the transformation that makes him feel like his limbs have been ripped apart and put back together again using his brain as adhesive. Mermaid moves into a cheap apartment not far from where Dave lives and Werewolf lives with Mermaid when he is not Dave.

Their living room has a flatscreen TV on one wall and a bright red Kraftwerk poster on the other. Especially the warbly bits. Under the TV there are twelve different gaming consoles. There are many reasons why a Werewolf may not have a pack, such as being kicked out or abandoned by their former pack, being the sole survivor of a pack who had been killed by Hunters or other supernaturals, or, in rare cases, having chosen solitude over the security of a pack.

Because Werewolves are naturally drawn to be in packs due to the additional power they gain from it, Omega werewolves are known to be the weakest and are extremely vulnerable to Hunters and other creatures. Add an image. Categories :. Scott is also a True Alpha and leader of the McCall Pack , a pack that is truly unique and unlike any other known pack due to the fact that it is not solely composed of Werewolves. It was revealed that Scott is a rarity in that he was a True Alpha, a Beta whose virtue, character, and strength of will allowed him to rise to the status of Alpha without killing or stealing the powers of another.

Because True Alphas are so rare that they don'5 appear more than once every century or more, this has caused many supernaturals and pseudo-supernaturals to come to Beacon Hills to either attempt to steal his power or to use it for their own ends. His mother was the renowned evolved Alpha Talia Hale , though his father's identity and species remains unknown at this time. He left Beacon Hills after losing most of his family in the Hale House Fire that was set by Kate Argent but returned when his sister was killed.

Derek would soon give up his alpha status to save his sister Cora. Lahey , whose preferred punishment for Isaac was locking him in a freezer in the basement when he "misbehaved. Upon seeing that Scott McCall was a different kind of Werewolf than what he had experienced, one who wanted to use his powers to do the right thing and help others,Once Scott became an Alpha Isaac joined the McCall Pack , becoming one of Scott's first Betas despite having not being bitten by him.

Cora Hale is a born Werewolf.

She was eleven years old at the time of the Hale House Fire , she was also one of the two sole survivors. Believing her entire family to be dead, Cora fled to South America where she settled down with a Werewolf pack there. She soon heard rumor that her family survived and she immediately traveled back to Beacon Hills, only to be captured by The Alpha Pack and locked in the vault of First National Bank for three month as leverage against Derek, who they sought to recruit to their ranks. After escaping and reuniting with her brother Derek and uncle Peter, and the events of season 3, she returns to her former pack in South America, since Derek's return to Beta status meant that the Hale Pack was essentially disbanded.

Peter Hale is born Werewolf apart of the legendary Hale family he also the brother of the renowned and very respected Alpha Talia Hale , whose power and authority Peter was always jealous of and coveted. Liam Dubar is a bitten Werewolf turned by Scott McCall, After being attacked by a Wendigo he was given the bite in order to save his life. He reveals to Scott I. D , which made it difficult to control his anger. However, Derek Hale informed Scott that LIam was one of the strongest Betas he had ever seen at That age as a result of his anger empowering him. Liam has finally managed to control himself on full moons and seems to be able to use his abilities to great effect,.

Boyd is a bitten Werewolf turned by Derek Hale, he immediately joins Dereks Pack becoming Derek's final Beta He was also a loner who often sat in solitude at lunch. Because of this loneliness, Boyd eagerly accepted Derek Hale's offer of the bite and successfully transitioned into a Werewolf, Because of his immense strength and quiet intelligence, Derek seemed to consider him his second-in-command, bringing him with him to deal with matters such as talking to Werewolf Hunters.

When the threat of the Argent Hunters became too great to handle, Boyd and Erica informed Derek that they were leaving his pack to find another However, when they left by the Alpha Pack , who kept them both hostage along with Cora Hale.

Dash Turns Violet into a werewolf

He was devastated by the death of Erica at Kali 's hands, but managed to be rescued. Erica was turned into a Werewolf by Derek Hale. She was a student at Beacon Hills High School , and like her close friend Boyd, she was a loner due to her appearance and her epilepsy.

This led her to happily accept Derek Hale's offer of lycanthropy, and once she was bitten and successfully became a Beta Werewolf, her epilepsy was cured and her appearance became even more glamorous. However, just like with Boyd, Erica became overwhelmed with the constant threat of death, both from the hunters and from the Kanima , which led her and Boyd to make the decision to leave the pack in favor of finding a new one in a safer locale.

Unfortunately, she and Boyd were captured. Jackson was the first to be turned by Derek Hale, Jackson grew up to be entitled, arrogant, and extremely self-absorbed, he strove to become the best at everything he tried. After Scott McCall became a Werewolf, he vowed to find out what the cause of Scott's impressive athletic abilities at any cost. When he learned Scott was a Werewolf, he blackmailed Scott into helping him become one as well, Jackson then went after Derek, who had recently killed Peter and become an Alpha.

Derek decided to give him the bite, hoping that it would end up killing him. It was later revealed that, while Jackson is now a Werewolf, he is still part Kanima and has retained some of his former abilities.

She was the mother of Laura , Derek and Cora Hale , the sister of Peter Hale and The aunt to Malia Tate She was a well respected Alpha in the supernatural community due to the fact that she possessed the rare ability to fully shift into a wolf,an ability that is extremely rare. As a result, she became an adviser to the Werewolf community, and other Alphas looked to her for guidance in tough situations. Though she died before the start of the series, she has always been implied to be extremely powerful, wise, and benevolent, and she strongly believed that being an apex predator didn't mean that Werewolves had to be killers.

According to Peter, everyone wanted to be in her good graces, which sometimes led to Werewolves doing her favors in exchange for her support. Laura Hale is a born Werewolf, Before the Hale House Fire , Laura was an active member of the Hale Pack and appeared to be her mother Talia 's second-in-command, After the fire, Laura presumably inherited the Alpha spark from her mother after her death, and she and Derek fled Beacon Hills , ending up in New York, After being drawn back to Beacon Hills she was attacked and killed by her uncle, Peter , who killed her and took her Alpha powers in order to heal himself of his severe burns from the fire.

Laura Hale was a evolved Alpha, which seems to imply that she was just as powerful as Talia was. For Ray, every order is the same: hot tea with a dash of romance. Thirteen-year-old Vera feels like a bit of an outsider after moving to a small town in Sweden. Customer service, family drama, and making new friends, of course! Werewolves at summer camp—moonlit fun and howling good times are sure to ensue. Just be sure not to miss the Howling Night! As a lone werewolf, Malaya Walters has spent her lift trying to keep tight control over herself and the world around her. Patrik is a really nice guy—enjoys knitting, book club, and visiting his friends at the local coffee shop.

Oh, and he just so happens to be a vampire. Cornith never expected to meet a mermaid while cleaning up the beach, much less almost be drowned by one. Modern day mermaids have a lot to contend with—like which plastic bags make the perfect outfit and how to make the perfect statue out of trash. What they find is far from what they expected. The warrior women of Eriana Kwai are trained to kill the mermaids who haunt their waters.

To escape a faery realm, a girl has to complete three quests in order to gain her freedom.

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But first, she has to decide if she even wants to go back to her normal life. Maple thinks she has her whole life mapped out, but when Star literally crashes into it, they have to traverse a countryside full of magic and monsters to get her home. When Atlas and Jo find a young witch with no memories washed up on the shore, their lives—and the weather—get a whole lot weirder. When an evil queen gets a hold of an ancient force of destruction, a pair of bunny siblings a nerdy magician and his much more heroic sister have to set out to find the only artifact powerful enough to stop the evil queen and save the world.

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No big deal. Cucumber Quest is available as a webcomic or in print editions. That was when the mermaid was very young. I tried to give it to you three years ago, but you seemed kind of busy running away. Dave blinks and then tucks in his shirt. Many years later Werewolf and Mermaid are lying in bed.

Werewolf has remembered to set his alarm.

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Werewolf and Mermaid have been together too long for uncomfortable silences, so this is just a regular silence. Enjoyed this story? She currently lives in Brighton and works in London, which gives her more time to write her novel on the train. Queers Destroy Science Fiction!