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What kind of drunk are you? Regular glass-or-two of red wine Tshepo is just me but a bit more giggly and silly. OK, I can see that. A bit more attitude. Let me tell you about my first fight.

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I grew up in east London: Forest Gate, in Newham. Being a boy in ends, as it were, you start figuring out what you wanna be like. I used to play basketball every Saturday, with this guy called Yao. Me and Yao were cool! We were cooool. You gonna have that? Then I see Yao running towards me. So he got up. And I—let me demonstrate what I was going [ Barney stands up and starts lifting up his arms and one leg, like a praying mantis ]—started doing this. Like, karate. I was yelling at the guys around me to back me.

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But I got beaten up and lost the fight. What was your first show like? Oh, I did the O2 Academy2 Islington—not the big room, but the smaller room. Like, capacity. It went well, I sold tickets. And my mum told everyone I sold out the O2 Arena.

But tell me about Barney in the grime days. Oh, fucking hell, Jesus…. I heard that back in school you were, um, spitting bars— How the hell did you know about that? Oh man. So I was really shit. Really bad. Like, embarrassingly bad. Well, my old tag name was [ chuckles ] Breezy. Spelled wrong, of course. How do you find getting used to talking about yourself, in interviews and whatever? I hate it. Haha, I mean, that sounds terrible. By that you mean people like Tom, Loyle, and Jordan?

Then they hand me the camera to take the pic of them and my mate. But talking about yourself is a weird thing. Umm, no—cause I like talking to people. And I think she thought it went really well.

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Performing is weird. People think they know you, as well as the performer you. And that can be a bit awkward. I mean, what even is small talk? Like… oh wow, OK. This is wild.

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Relatively inconsequential stuff, about the weather or whatever. How do you answer it? South African, technically, but I never lived there and grew up in six countries before coming to uni in England. How much do you feel British as well?

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    When a Body Is Reduced to Material for an Artwork

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