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After placing the bird in the box, be sure to close the container securely, particularly with birds of prey, to prevent its escape. Remember, the sooner you place the bird into a suitable container, the calmer it will be. It is important to reduce stress whenever possible. Do not attempt to give the bird food or water, or open the box constantly to look at it. The bird needs to be kept warm, dark and quiet.

Prompt transport to a rehabilitation center is essential to its survival.

The last word from Joan Carson, 'Bird Lady' for 50 years

When transporting in your car, refrain from playing the radio or talking loudly. Covering the box minimizes the amount of light entering, which helps calm the bird. Read on for information about typical rescue situations , rescuing baby birds , and some other bird issues.

Meet The New York Bird Lady Mother Pigeon

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You will receive an electronic acknowledgment that can be used as a tax receipt. We and the birds thank you! Fill out our simple online Education Program Request Form. Become an Ambassador Guardian. Found a bird? Emergency Help for Birds Remember — wild birds are not pets.

The last word from Joan Carson, 'Bird Lady' for 50 years

They are naturally frightened of humans and it is also against the law to keep them in your home without a permit. What to do first—Stop and assess before you act If you spot a bird, particularly a young one that appears to be abandoned or in difficulty, do not try to catch it right away. What to do before picking up the bird Before attempting to capture the bird, prepare a suitable container for it. The bird needs quiet and calm Do not attempt to give the bird food or water, or open the box constantly to look at it. Donate with PayPal. If, when this column first ran, I had any idea of all the letters and later, emails, it would generate, I would have saved them.

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Your questions and the friendly letters that crossed my desk helped me make all those deadlines. Many of your questions meant some serious research on my part. We both learned new things as a result of that research. They will always be part of my life. The feeders and bird bath will still be in place near the kitchen windows. That will be difficult. When this column first appeared, I had no idea of how it would affect our family. It took us throughout this country and around the world. There were friends we met along the way and some very interesting people.

That was just plain fun. Yes, I found life birds on those field trips.

The first to come to mind is the mountain quail.