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If you let a mage follow your archer, you can kill halberdiers without the use of commands unless your opponent uses them. After you have killed as many units with your archers and mage as you can, they will probably die and you'll have your melee units left, who are most likely outnumbering your opponent's units. Now it's a piece of cake to finish your opponent off. The biggest counter to this is if your opponent uses Charge on a scout or archer to kill your archers. Using Chastise could help you escape from this, but not always.

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Archers are VERY weak against champions and shouldn't be used against them unless they can be killed in one shot, or of the archer will die no matter what. This variant has more range than the basic set-up stated above. However most units have poor defence, and thus this strategy doesn't work for close-combat.

This setup uses at least archers or mages, followed by about 2 halberdiers a knight could also work, but halberdiers are cheaper. With the extra funds you could buy a champion and perhaps a few scouts for suicide missions. Keep the distance attackers out of harm's way but within striking distance. Your objective is to lure the opponent's troop to your side of the board where you can overwhelm it with rangers and halberds from a safe distance.

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The opponent will get wise to the tactic soon, but by then you will have a good defence and a slight advantage because you have likely taken out one of their pieces. This technique is particularly useful against Championeers. Recommended commands are: Battle Cry for taking out knights and other halberdiers but if you have a mage following your archer s you can use them to kill the halberdiers ; Vigilance for a defence against other archers this can be countered by Battle Cry ; and Chastise, for binding pieces and allowing halberdiers and distance attackers to safe spot.

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  8. This variant is for taking out heavy infantry the high-health units and high-damage units. However it has less ranged units and is weak at a distance. This setup works well against champion groups as well if you know what you're doing. Preferably the other team should go first. Use your archers to pick off the enemy long range units for as long as possible and then use them to lure people towards your group. Once people get close enough you have a wide variety of units to kill them with.

    If they boost the person that is close just use chastise and wait for the effects to wear off. That way when they use chastise you have multiple other options. The setup should look something like this:. This setup uses only two champions, two mages and another optional unit, preferably a knight. In this offensive strategy, use the two mages to kill off approaching enemy units. Now use one of your champions and clear away the remaining units. You can even dispose of the enemy champion in one turn by using Battle Cry on your champion. You can use the other champion as backup, in case the other dies.

    One of the most common setups in Conquest, the Championeer build uses scouts with Charge in order to take down units with low HP like archers and mages. Three champions deal with the rest of the units, making the most of commands. Note that this build isn't well liked, and there have been calls by players to limit the number of champions in a setup down to 1 or 2 sometimes they simply say no champ noobs or they simply resign. Please note: Due to the update on 12 October when champion's health was reduced by , this method is much less effective.

    This setup is designed to be a counter to the Championeer setup.

    Your opponent will most likely Charge with a scout to kill either your archer or your mage, which is sacrificed. Then, if they use Stoicism, use Chastise.

    If not, move an archer or a halberdier up and kill the scout. Next turn, move your halberdier or archer up depending on which one you already sent. If they killed your archer, move up a second halberdier. Note that the mage is there to take out halberdiers, in case they don't use their champions, but they can also be used to help take out champions and scouts. They already have used Charge so you can advance freely with your halberdiers. Move one halberdier one space outside their champion's range so if he moves his maximum amount of spaces, he won't hit you.

    Keep your archer or second halberdier far enough that he can't run past your halberdier. By now you should have enough for Shield Wall and Battle Cry so move 4 spaces to your opponent's champion. Attack from two spaces away to avoid a counter-attack, and use Shield Wall. If he attacks you, you can kill him on the next turn and save Battle Cry. If he uses Shield Wall, move up your other halberdier and attack a different champion. Your opponent now has 2 champs down to HP, has used up Shield Wall and doesn't have enough points for Battle Cry and Regenerate, so he can only try to save one of his champions.

    Now use Battle Cry and kill off whichever one he didn't protect. From there, it should be pretty easy to win. Just remember to play it safe, and make sure that your opponent doesn't use Charge and Battle Cry to kill your champion. If your opponent moves up one champion at a time, you can Chastise it and then kill it.

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    Whether you start first or not doesn't matter. The army should be aligned like so:. First, move your archer 3 squares forward. Depending on which unit the opponent moves, follow the directions below. Move either champion out four spaces. As the enemy's archer advances, send forward your scout as the enemy will no longer advance, and kill your scout.

    It's okay, the scout is only for fodder. By now it should be your third turn. Move your archer just beyond the mage's range so there are eight spaces between your archer and her. If the mage retreats, try to lure them back out a little, but not too close so that they can attack. If the mage doesn't retreat, you are able to kill her, because an archer's range is farther than a mage's. Make this last until your third turn. Move your scout six spaces ahead.

    The enemy scout will either retreat, do nothing, or move forward. If the latter happens, send out your archer to either push him back or kill him.

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    If he retreats or does nothing, skip your turn. If your opponent puts forward a different piece, follow the instructions for that soldier. By now you should be reaching your third turn. Do nothing and skip your turn. If the unit put forward is melee, move your archer in range to attack to either kill or weaken him. This, at least, will hold back the enemy's attacks. By your third turn, continue holding back the enemy while putting either champion forward 4 spaces, if you haven't already. Make sure an enemy soldier with the command value of at least 75 is within the champion's range as you are able to use Charge.

    Do so, and attack the mage, archer or whatever it may be. By killing it, you have gained or so command points. Do not use any other commands until your next turn. The opponent may attack you, but if they do it doesn't matter. Use Battle Cry and kill the champion. If Chastise has been used on your champion, use Stoicism and kill another medium-strength soldier on your next turn. If not, you will survive another turn. If your opponent has a knight or another champion, use Shield Wall.

    If they attack, you have taken out another one of their soldiers.

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    Play the next turns freely, trying to keep your champion alive and killing for as long as possible. At the very best, this setup can kill the entire enemy team with one champion. If minimal soldiers were killed, especially if your opponent has Chastise, it's fine because you still have enough high-powered and varied soldiers left to win the game.

    This doesn't necessarily work against Championeers, so you can just resign as soon as you see them, because there is no penalty for resigning at the very beginning.

    For Returning Players

    This setup has two champions in the middle, with four scouts on each side of them. With all those scouts and Charge, you can easily kill off the mages and archers from nearly anywhere in a single hit. Battle Cry can be used to increase the damage of scouts to HP, making it possible to take out stronger units such as halberdiers or knights from anywhere as well. Alternatively, Battle Cry can be used to take out the enemy's champion by using your own.

    The scouts make up your "sweep" team to take out the annoying archers and mages, while the champions make up the brute force of your attack.