Searching for Light In A World of Darkness

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In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Lord was there, already at work before light was a thing.

God uses the dark to show His character. I hope you had a good dad, one you could brag about to your friends. Darkness was a tool of deliverance. The light of the world is at home in the dark. Fear has lost its grip.

We are good at looking for the positive, even in the negative. We can look at a porn story a son writes about a teacher and note his good penmanship, his excellent spelling, his improved grammar. We see artistic skill in his drawings of dead people. We may be secretly impressed with the complexity of the story of how they got that iPod. We look for the good, and sometimes, we even find more, see the scared child behind the manipulations and the angry words.

Forget the perfect house, the matched outfits. The house is still standing and everyone is wearing pants. Let yourself be brought to tears by an honest answer because you know how hard it was. Celebrate when the change you left on the kitchen counter is still there the next day. Celebrate a birthday with no meltdowns. Celebrate a minute meltdown the last one took 45! It might have to be a silent celebration, like that time your kid actually listened and wore a coat during a snowstorm, but celebrate all the same.

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We spend our entire lives moving between the two forces of light and shadow, sometimes even feeling trapped. Without light there is no shadow, and no shadow without light! The river between the two poles is our process of transformation. These two opposites create boundaries, structure and ultimately our personal path, our Dharma and sometimes our Drama. It leads right in the middle. Om Lead us from the unreal to the real, from the darkness to the light, from mortality to immortality.

Om Peace Peace Peace. Einfach wunderbar.

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Thinking Positive — Really? Find your shadow! Know your triggers What triggers this feeling? Be honest especially with yourself. Who knows: maybe what you perceive as dark and gloomy is a radiant light to others?

Power to shine

Do not run away You need neither intensive training sessions nor cigarettes. When was the last time you felt something like this? When did you feel it for the very first time?

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In what situation? Can you remember the people, the surroundings, the scents?

“What Is Happening?”

What can you learn from this situation? What actions can you take from now on in your life? Set a new focus for this topic Just as you change the frequency on the radio to listen to other stations, you can change your personal frequency by shifting your focus in a positive and bright direction with the corresponding belief. Be grateful Behind every shadow and every trigger is the possibility of converting darkness into power and radiance.

Do not be perfect! An important, ancient mantra expresses this desire for light and the anticipated liberation. Mantra Meditation Shadowwork.

Finding Light in the Darkness

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