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Very little goes off the rails in One Day , although I had a hard time wrapping my head around a chapter on race relations Thematically, these pieces tie together, but the chapter doesn't unfold with the organic elegance of others in the book. Much of this sounds heavy, but plenty of light seeps in One Day is full of scenes and wordsmithing that can make a reader elbow her partner in the ribs and force him to listen to a read-aloud.

His stories are by turns sweet, rueful, horrifying and impossibly serendipitous But those books were good reads, and this one is, too.

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Rave Lisa V. Hancock , Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Writing with simplicity, Mr.

Only a few of these people have notoriety, making them all the more relatable. The 18 time-stamped stories move briskly through 24 hours of events occurring in widely disparate communities across the United States Whether examining singular motivation for a crime or the complexities of a relationship, Mr.

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Weingarten triggers our curiosity and creates suspense as we journey along with him on psyche-plumbing investigations Blood Papa: Rwanda's New Generation. Get the Book Marks Bulletin Email address:. Graphic Novels.

Time once again to take a little poetic inspirational break to set some goals for the future. Joining in the quest for happiness all on earth are bound to make Finding meaning in the moments and the good in each mistake.

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Facing fears, and trouncing failure while defining you anew Choosing new ways of perceiving things you thought you really knew. And in time proudly emerging safe, serene and satisfied With a fruitful life constructed honoring what lives inside. You can start a new chapter today. Sit down and begin to compose the story you want to be able to tell the world a year from now. Write it as if it were a magazine article chronicling your rise to prominence, fame, fortune, family, peace of mind, or whatever your definition of success.

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Start with the end in mind and chronicle all the rises and falls, the desperation and the darkness and your eventual emergence. Do you have a concern about the pending visa waiver law?

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