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The episode does a great job of showing the excitement from the crowds whenever Elijah speaks at his church, city meetings and the march. His passion and ability to galvanize an audience might encourage kids who are watching the show to take action on their own causes without waiting until they are adults.

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That's what makes this episode seem even more important, especially in a time where more and more kids are marching in the streets about big issues like climate change that have an impact on their future. Another episode features blind Arizona teenager Adonis, who is changing how people relate to those who are visually impaired.

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It's hard not to compare the accomplished teen to the Marvel superhero Daredevil who also happens to be blind. But this real-life story is more impressive than even Daredevil's fictional adventures. Adonis lost his eyesight at age 5 from a rare condition , but he didn't lose his ambition to play professional football. In fact, he's currently a celebrated running back for his high school team.

I can't see something that's going to block me from where I'm destined to be. Adonis comes from a family of athletes.

His mom played basketball in college, his sister plays basketball, his dad and brother both played football in college And you can see it. Throughout the episode, Adonis' friends, classmates, family members and teammates share their stories about his drive to succeed. But what really stands out is his fearlessness, on and off the football field.

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Why We Love Sports Today: Adonis Watt, a year-old football player who is blind, scored a pair of touchdowns with his football team. While Marvel's Hero Project doesn't include the kind of superheroes we're used to seeing battle bad guys on the big screen, the series could motivate both kids and adults struggling with problems in their lives and communities to start working toward solutions.

Acting locally to help improve the lives of others -- whether it be cleaning up a park, helping deliver meals to the homeless or showing kids they can do anything regardless of disabilities -- is the kind of heroism we could all use right about now. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. People from across the world came forth to show their love and support of Islam and Muslims.

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In the post, the Facebook user asked if anyone knew who the man in the photo was. Soon, the post spread to Twitter where the man's daughter Ruth Kyle identified him as Andrew Graystone. Dear world. I just want to say that this photo was the only thing that made me smile through a really tough day.


We do it differently here, and this photo is one of many reasons I love my city. Lesson OMG we love your dad. Give him my warmest regards. And proud you should be.

To tell you the truth I am proud of your dad because I know my dad would also show the same care and love to everyone in need no matter what the circumstances. Andrew you're a global star! We love you. Love, compassion and support will win out. Top bloke. More of this world.

We can all win if we move forward together.