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He later clarified that he is continuing treatment. He stayed through the full church service and took pictures with well-wishers afterward, not wanting to disappoint. Support real journalism. Click on the link below to go to our Volunteer Sign Up Page and find a place where you can serve the youth at St. Volunteer Sign Up Page! Confirmation Parent Volunteers:. Pastor Tim and Jeremy need one parent to help during confirmation class each Wednesday. Can you help from to p.

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Please click here to sign up online! Crucifer Schedule for Middle School Confirmands:. The sixth, seventh, and eighth graders help carry the cross in worship at and a. Each Confirmand should sign up at least once, but can sign up for more. Please sign up online today! Youth Registration. Adult Leader Application. Every time a major Christian denomination gathers for their business meeting The United Methodist Church is doing that right now people begin to hurl critiques about the process being ineffective or unholy. For those who join in the live stream or show up to observe in person, the process of motions and amendments and points of order is a far cry from their personal discernment that often happens in personal prayer, and in my case over a good cup of coffee.

We ask the question, how could all of this be holy? How could the Holy Spirit be speaking through something as dry as a committee meeting? As it turns out, the history of Christianity is rife with committee meetings often called councils going all the way back to the upper room. You remember this moment right? Jesus brings the disciples up to the mountain, commissions them and ascends to heaven. After the disciples recover from that incredible sight, they return to Jerusalem and head into the upper room. Once in the room, the biblical account begins with a list of who was present in Acts He was one of our number and shared in our ministry.

Peter is talking about the fact that Judas had committed suicide, but that is just the beginning. Peter is about to make a motion. For one of these must become a witness with us of his resurrection. Peter is asking for the group present to decide on a replacement for Judas. How do they do it? Do they wait on the sky to open and write the name on their first century white board? Not quite. If this sounds familiar, it should.

Throughout the movement of God in the world from that time to this, God has moved in powerful and often boring ways through committees. The Holy Spirit has been active in legislation through the prayer of devoted disciples offering motions and taking votes. Next time you have the opportunity to watch or participate in these meetings, may you walk into that room with the reverence that you would walking along the streets of Jerusalem or along the sea of Galilee. May you approach your work with reverence and submit yourself to the leading of the Holy Spirit who has the power to move through anything and everything, yes, even committee meetings.

Hear our prayer.

We need the lamp that lights the path. What we want, deep within our hearts deep within our souls, Is that your will be done. If we are honest, God, none of us can fully see the way forward. I was sitting in a dark youth room listening to a guy trying to use chocolate bars to explain how to talk about Jesus to strangers.

My duo struck out as far as salvation were concerned but we did learn several interesting hand signals and four-letter words that were not part of the seminar. But let me say unequivocally that what I was taught was not evangelism. It was couched in evangelistic terms, but it was so far from what true evangelism is that I no longer think you can use the same word to describe both things.

Over the past fifteen years, I have discovered that evangelism is far bigger and far more important than I had ever imagined. I know that is a lot, but this metaphor of embrace that I learned from Dr. She says that we begin by opening our arms to the world. Having an open posture to the world is a major part of evangelism. In order to enter into this embrace we have to be open and aware of those in need of the grace of God in our World.

Not only that, opening our arms is a stance of welcome to those around us. Being open and welcoming is the essential first step in being true evangelists.

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The problem is that our world encourages us to be closed off, unwelcoming, and even suspicious of everyone around us. We wait. In the waiting, we are asking the Holy Spirit to do the work of wooing the people in our world to the good news of Jesus. We are waiting for the Holy Spirit to open the arms of another so that we can enter into this embrace.

At this point, we enter into the moment where we get to close our arms in embrace and share the love of God in our words, in our deeds, and in signs revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. It means talking about Jesus, feeding hungry people, and praying for peace for our coworker. In this embrace it is not a one-way thing, we are both embracing the other person and being embraced in return as we are used by God to communicate his love and grace.

Finally, we open our arms again. In opening our arms we release the other to walk out into the love and grace of God in their world and we open ourself up to embrace another. There is a reciprocal nature to this process. This is evangelism.