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C oe urged national federations last year to be brave enough to stop picking former drugs cheats for the Olympics and other major events. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Telegraph Sport Athletics. As an announcer welcomes the likes of Sheriff Joseph Woods to the stage before the blues legend takes the stage for a show at Chicago's Cook County Jail, the prisoners greet the officer with aggressive boos and jeers. He was gracious, flirtatious and even self-deprecating as he effortless ripped through songs like "Worry, Worry" and "Sweet Sixteen.

By the time he finished on a sweet note with the ballad "Please Accept My Love," King had the crowd on their feet, hollering ecstatically. Brittany Spanos. Joni Mitchell's first live album arrived at the peak of her fame. Recorded a couple months after her breakthrough Court and Spark debuted, the Canadian singer-songwriter documented the California stops on the tour supporting the new LP.

I haven't used up all my ideas yet. But I'm working in a pop field, and whether they're going to allow an older woman to do that is an open question. It requires a loyal, interested audience who believes in my talent. For decades, Velvet Underground Live With Lou Reed offered the only halfway decent live document of the band that launched a million other bands.

Neil Young should have been on top of the world in But the death of Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten, a painful back disorder and the endless infighting of his backing band turned the tour into an endless slog. He had a ton of hits by this point, but he opted to devote a big chunk of the set to gloomy, brand new tunes like "L. It was greeted by a collective shrug when it came out in and its been out of print for decades, but Neil diehards recognize it as an absolute classic and original vinyl copies are highly prized.

Unsurprisingly, Young has a wildly different take. It was a total joke. Before he became Mr.

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New York, Frank Sinatra's signature town was Las Vegas, and Sinatra at the Sands captures him at his ring-a-ding-ding peak — complete with an adoring casino crowd and an epic "Tea Break" monologue where the chairman cracks harsh on his Rat Pack subordinates. Sands might be the ultimate period piece for those who prefer Johnny Mercer's songbook to Jagger-Richards', with Quincy Jones conducting Count Basie's Orchestra and the year-old crooner still at the height of his warm-yet-threatening vocal powers.

David Menconi. Earlier in her set, she even covered Simon and Garfunkel to some chatter. In "Dr.

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Feelgood," she throws her head back in an ecstasy that sounds both sexual and religious. And for a reprise of "Spirit in the Dark," Ray Charles appears, even though he wasn't set to perform. He was only there to watch.

1. Historical Perspective

Christina Lee. Bob Marley and the Wailers' Natty Dread tour began in America, where some 15, fans watched the reggae band perform in Central Park. By the time they crossed the Atlantic, the verdict was in: After two sold-out shows at London's Lyceum, a Melody Maker cover story pronounced Bob "possibly the greatest superstar to visit these shores since the days when Dylan conquered the concert halls of Britain. The result was a song collection of pointed lyrics, political chants and funk grooves enlivened by new guitarist Al Anderson.

Top 10 and remains the definitive version of the classic song, eventually appearing as track two of the times-platinum Legend set. Even the mic feedback that echoes over the first verse has become imbued with emotion. Nick Murray. Though already celebrated as one of rock's greatest drummers from a three-year run in Cream and Blind Faith, Ginger Baker's curiosity brought him from England to war-embattled Nigeria to learn more about rhythm.

Said Baker in his autobigraphy, "an audience of crammed into a large studio…with colored spotlights dancing about the walls to give it the feel of a proper live gig. In just seven cuts, Deep Purple deliver four sides of excitement and indulgence. From Ian Paice's dizzying drum solo during "The Mule" to Jon Lord's winking organ vamp at the start of "Lazy," from the trick ending of the minute "Space Truckin'" to Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore's voice-and-guitar duel during "Strange Kind of Women," the metal progenitors plunder and arguably establish a near-complete arsenal of onstage tricks and tropes.

Cheaply made, wildly popular and frequently reissued, Made in Japan was captured during three nights in Osaka and Tokyo. The set feels ever casual, as if the band is performing less for the crowd or the tape machine and more for the sheer enjoyment of stretching these tunes out like playdates. Jarrett hadn't slept the night before and was in pain. Jarrett's extemporized fantasia drifts seamlessly from idea to idea, sometimes settling into a two-chord vamp for minutes at a time. More relaxed than most of his other solo recordings, it boasts a full complement of Jarrett's whooping, sighing and foot-stomping affectations while still offering a ravishing introduction to the art of improvisation.

Side B of the first Stooges live album is, purportedly, one of the gnarliest rock shows ever recorded. For weeks before the February gig, Stooges frontman Iggy Pop had gleefully engaged in public beef with a motorcycle gang called the Scorpions. They showed up in droves, along with all kinds of objects with which to pelt the band — fruits and vegetables, bottles, yard tools. That hardly bothered Iggy, though — his band was hungry, close to broke, and at the end of their rope. Sloppy on purpose, discordant and gut-churningly raw, the entire set-list is a big screw-you, down to the song selection.

We don't hate you. We don't even care. The group performs at the quirky outer limits: The instrumental "Echidna's Arf Of You " has unpredictable light-speed whirrs of xylophone and synth and the minute jazz-prog-rock sandwich "Be-Bop Tango" includes an explanation of how to dance to Duke's sung polyrhythm "You're still too adagio," Zappa jokes. Meanwhile, the Nixon sendup "Son of Orange County" "I just can't believe you are such a fool" contains one of Zappa's most soulful guitar solos.

Zappa included this Zen-like note on the first CD release: "Sometimes you can be surprised that 'The universe works whether or not you understand it. Over four nights in at London's Rainbow Theater, the punk pioneers blasted through 28 songs from their first three albums. Thanks to their tidily short length, they squeezed in nearly all of 'em. The final LP version came mostly from the last night, charged with an energy so electric that fans are said to have ripped seats from the floor and thrown them at the stage in enthusiasm.

It's no surprise, as the entire record pulses with American punk's promise, a spittle-spewing Joey Ramone barely pausing between "Pinhead," "Do You Wanna Dance? During post-production, the speed was something with which even the band itself struggled to keep up. Arielle Castillo. This rainy Friday night in October was less than a year and a half after Bill Withers' commercial breakthrough allowed him to quit a day job in an aircraft parts factory, but the rising soul star holds the stage at one of the world's most prestigious venues like a seasoned pro.

Withers reminisces about his grandma's church "At the funeral they used to have tie the caskets down! Keith Harris.

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Bob Seger had released eight albums and had been on the road for nearly a solid decade when he played Detroit's Cobo Hall on September 4th, — but he was still largely unknown outside of the Midwest. The main problem was that he simply couldn't capture the magic of his stage show on in a studio, which is likely why Live Bullet made such a huge impact. It was also fueled by "Turn The Page," a track about the rigors of touring life that has been a mainstay of classic rock radio for the past 40 years. The gig couldn't have started less promisingly: four probably drunk band members failed to show up, and Ellington played the premiere jazz festival for all of 12 minutes before realizing they couldn't continue.


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But late at night they returned en masse and burned the hides off the hipsters with a set that gave his career new meaning. Functional Objects. View all products. Contact us. Care instructions. The Art of gifting. Custom made objects. All articles. Middle East. View all stores.

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