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Elisabeth Brown, Sylvia Burwell and more! Amy Baxter's studies on needle phobia. MacGyver " Medium. So wise! So fantastic! The device saturates sensory nerve endings with cold and vibration, interfering with the transmission of pain. Many patients in my practice request that the Buzzy be used for their immunizations.

New Zealand herald Springwise. Who knew? Make immunizations better, and offices more efficient! Thanks to Stacey and Grasshopper. Buzzy segment starts at We are proud to be one of their inaugural interviews. This is one of the best and most comprehensive videos about the invention and company story out there.

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See Dr. Baxter is 1 in Health, Safety and Fitness!

Every pediatrician should consider using Buzzy". Andrew Schuman MD " Buzzy is one of the greatest inventions ever. Amazing fundraiser reported on the news. We love the aesthetic on this one.

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It is a vibrating ice pack in the shape and color of a bee and is one of several options children can pick to ease the discomfort of getting a needle poke. It works on the gate theory that, if you in some way block the pain pathway between the needle insertion site and the brain's pain receptors, the sensation of pain is thwarted. Buzzy and Bee-Stractors are recommended as the best baby shower gifts on abc Pain Management is key for any age group and having Buzzy to help drug free is a great thing! I know we will be taking Buzzy along with us for all our future shots!

This is going to be a staple at every appointment from here on out with each of my children.

I highly recommend this product if you have a child who is not a fan of those inevitable shots! I think the Buzzy is Big! Amy Baxter Buzzy is in People. I love Bill Hybels' definition of vision: January - What do your donors need to hear from you? As the new year begins we in development do a number of things.

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We look at our development plans, calendar, and goals. We consider how to reach our goals and then begin the implementation process.

I suggest that now is also the best time to ask this question, "What do my donors need to hear from me? December - A Call to all in the Ministry of Stewardship. You know my passion for stewardship and stewardship education. I believe it holds the key to a life of discipleship. As Christians, we desire to follow Jesus, his ways, and to be considered one of his disciples.

The Steward Newsletter – Fall 2009

This is the key to stewardship. November - Uning the End of the Year Wisely. As all development officers look at their year-end strategy, I know there is a great deal of pressure to meet goals and raise funds. You have your Top to contact, your board, maybe pledges that were made earlier in the year, and then your Year-End Giving reminder. But is it all about the income and goals?

Can we do more as ministers of development? October - Look to the Future! As we go through the years and see generational trends affect our giving strategy, I have seen this truism come to be part of our development world. People become more and more concerned with what the gift will DO.

And they become less and less concerned with what you as an organization have DONE. September - A Special Invitation. I want to extend a special invitation to you to consider attending or inviting someone to attend the new Stewardship Summit in Portland, OR scheduled for January , Summer - My Ministry of Development Heroes.

In my many years of working in development and consulting with organizations, I have met many wonderful people who make a difference in their organizations and the people they serve. I would like to point out and thank three of these great "ministry of development" heroes as they have all retired last year and this. This is a huge topic and has had much discussion and debate. My personal conclusion having read and studied a bit, is that Jesus completed what he came to do, and now the new church is to be concerned with generosity in all areas of life, rather than the law of the tithe.

It is spring in most places and we begin to look at our end of school year, or fiscal year depending on your organizational structure. I find most of it is negative. As I am currently working with 5 capital campaigns, let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of a capital campaign in today's non-profit world. February - Guidance for the Steward. I would like to continue to look at the 2nd Letter from Paul to the church at Corinth in our quest to understand how God looks at the steward in the New Testament. Have you been hearing what I have been hearing since October? The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

It's the economy, stupid. December - 2 Corinthians 8 continued. Last month I shared my thoughts on the opening message of the 2nd Letter Chapter 8 of Paul to the Corinthians. This Christmas and End of the Year thoughts are about verses 10 and 11 in the letter.

Stewards of Connecticut's Land and Water.

November - A Steward's Guidebook. We live in a time where there are a number of negative influences on the field of stewardship, giving, generosity, and philanthropy. Concerns like taxes, politics, economy, the church, and unemployment are all used to explain why giving is down, will be down, and that we shouldn't expect it to get better very soon. October - The Special Events Season. I do not usually attend special events anymore.

September - 20 Years in Review. This month I begin my 20th year as a consultant. I remember the first few months like yesterday. It was an exciting time of faith and watching God teach me many things. I sent out letters to everyone I knew letting them know I had started my own business. August - Preparing for the Fall Giving Season. Are you ready for the fall? Click here for entire newsletter February Newsletter The February newsletter contains the dioxin information from tests done on soils washed onto our properties from Perdido Bay.

We also explain why dioxin is "non-detect" in paper mill effluent, and more. Click here for entire newsletter December Newsletter In the December Newsletter, we give an update on what will happen next in the IP draft permit issue. Also we summarize a study done on Perdido Bay in which is still applicable today. Click here for entire newsletter October Newsletter In the October Newsletter, one of our members has an article about his experiences in Hurricane Ivan.

We give a summary of IP's Draft permit. Check the documents page in this website for more information on Klebsiella. Click here for the entire February newsletter Click here for December newsletter Click here for entire September newsletter.

The Steward Newsletter - Fall - Cowichan Land Trust

October Newsletter The October Newsletter explains how IP's unions and the local pinetree growers have all the political power to keep the paper mill running inspite of the damage to Perdido Bay. April Newsletter The April Newsletter looks at some of the things you can do for Earth Day ; discusses the impairment for algae and bacteria in Upper Perdido Bay; and discusses lack of foam and life in Upper Perdido Bay. March Newsletter The March Newsletter looks at global warming and the news media and considers the odd outbreaks of toxic algae, Heterosigma, as a cover up for toxic chemicals.

This puts it on the TMDL list. August Newsletter The August Newsletter is thankful for all our members and their support. December Newsletter The December Newsletter gives an overview of the recent permitting activities for IP on Perdido Bay and examines the huge amount of wastes which are allowed to be discharged into our bay.

And more. November Newsletter The November Newsletter gives you an update on IP's progress on their wetland and treatment projects. February Newsletter The February Newsletter includes articles about how the EPA has declared a once beautiful creek permanently polluted, why the bay water is clear in the winter, and more. December Newsletter The December Newsletter informs our readers about the building of the pipeline to the wetlands in spite of the fact that the permit has not been approved in the appeals court.

The insert of Blowout prevention legislation is also included.