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Wonderful :. Just thought I'd add a complaint about the topic in general -. So it seems, enchanter's past 11 years in wow is currently being made null and void. Seems really cruel Like, oh so you worked really hard and collected rare recipes and playing the game, ie, An Enchanted Glow Chart. Moroes is now dropping this enchant twice -. Tailorings, leatherworkers, blacksmiths and most professions, CAN make their past recipes for appearances.

Just seems Ty for reading my complain about ethics :. Comment by sezz Illusions also drop in LFR and can be coined!

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Comment by nisx Sadly you cannot run LFR multiple times per week for higher chances. Only 1 kill per week per character.

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Comment by QuartrDollarKing You can get all the Motes of Mana you need from the magic mobs in Karazhan which you will probably be running many times for the dropped illusions in that raid. Comment by Adelline This is a fantastic guide, thank you! I just wanted to mention that Agility, a green glow appearance, is also available by default at least, it was for me, it could be tied to something. Comment by stpaul So you want to farm these on Shaman. Comment by Andranarex Made my own little Guide Sheet to make farming "easier". You're welcome to use it too!

It's more or less based on the best or easiest way to get the required materials for each Illusion. Comment by shakounette Op: you forgot the glorious tyranny in your list Oh and btw, you can open a ticket and ask a gm to unlock the illusions even if you don't have them in your bags anymore. Comment by stickshift My Death Knight picked up the Crusader illusion on both her weapons. After seeing how cheesy it looked I went back to change and the illusion option isn't therenow.

I have only the weapons she's carrying so I haven't checked to see if this corrects itself with diff weaps.

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It's been several days since and nothings changed. Don't see any filters I might have messed with and I tried re-runeforging and re-mogging weap appearance but no go. Anyone else know if it's a bug or just me?

So far im farming all of them on my alts, yet 5 characters in the Nefarion, sha nor the Ulduar scrolls have dropped. Keep trying. Comment by Unforgvn I have been playing this game for 11 years now and up until patch 7. That is just a major kick in the arse to all enchanters that spent time getting those hard to get enchants.

Comment by Averalised Are the enchants unique to each character or do they become account wide once you learn them? Comment by argogruelin I have enchanting huts on most of my toons, but only 3 enchanters of 22 toons I only need to unlock them on 1 toon to add to my book but if someone else wants to use my enchant hut to unlock the looks on their toons do they have to go get them too?

Now do I have to learn enchanting on my shaman for frostbrand and then that look is only available to my other shaman? I think this is the only part of the transmog thing they messed up. Comment by Ebonarm Thanks for the guide! Only one thing I can think of adding to it is specifying which Ragnaros drops the flametounge illusion.

I immediately went to Firelands Rag and not Molten Core. Not my brightest move. Comment by billymm great guide TY for putting together. Comment by Stripe Anyone else notice this? I've crafted the new tomes for Legion and learned them on my Enchanter. If my Enchanter goes to the transmog page I don't have the option to change my weapon illusion using a transmogrifier.

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I have to go to my garrison, go to my Chanting shack, and use the NPC with dust to change the illusion. On ANY other character without Enchanting, I can use any transmogrifier anywhere, and change my weapon illusion with gold. Am I missing something here? I've turned off all addons and its still that way for my Enchanter. Comment by Anganamar Just got my my Mark of the Shattered Hand Kargath Bladefist from bonus roll, so I guess this confirms it that you can also get them from bonus roll. Comment by Mekkatwerq I do not see it mentioned here, but I will go ahead and add in.

If you've already learned the new Illusions, you don't have to risk using up another tome anymore! Now, once you have already learned one, you'll get a prompt that you've learned all the illusions for that tome. Comment by Bababooeyhs Are these account wide? Only have to collect them on one character.

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Comment by Annix3n How can i mog land slide? Comment by Waterfuzz You can buy all the Illusion tomes on AH and collect the remaining Illusion scrolls from various bosses and reputation vendors without even having Enchanting as your profession. Comment by Septh It seems some weapons models cannot get an illusion. For exemple, when I mog'ed my staff to Frostscythe of Lord Ahune the button for applying the illusion disapeared. I guess this is because the Frostscythe model already has a glowing effect. Comment by Kahllen So, are these just completely unusable with Artifact weapons? Seems pretty lame to release all these and then just not even have them be usable on the artifact skins Though i got over it and simply just accepted that if i wanted to be a Beast Mastery hunter with a bow, i had to transmog into something old and less fancy and new.

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But now this Now i know that there probably will be someone not now that i type this though telling me how i could just use the BM artifact bow appearance, or simply play Marksmanship, well to that, all i have to say, how would you feel if the closest you could ever get to your dream transmog set, was with the exact opposite of what you wanted.

With that, i will go and use my artifact weapon transmoged into a weapon from Cataclysm, shooting arrows of my tears ;-;. Comment by Nastaq70 I really wonder why Blizzard does such things like this. Select your lapis lazuli, then select the box to the right of the book's box.

You'll need at least three lapis lazuli per enchantment. Select an enchantment. On the right side of the crafting table's interface, you'll see several enchantments listed. Select the one you want; if you don't see the one you want, select the lowest-level one. Move the enchanted book to your inventory. The book should now be purple and pink, signifying that it has been enchanted. Repeat as necessary. You most likely won't find the enchantment that you want the first time around, so keep enchanting books until you find the enchantment that you want.

It's best to create low-level enchantments when the enchantment table gives you three unwanted enchantment options. After creating an enchanted book, you'll need to re-level your character to level Understand how combining enchantments works.

Chettlebell Explains It All Vol. 8: Utility Enchantments Guide for Module 15

If you have two enchantment books with the exact same enchantment and level, you can combine them in an anvil to create a higher-level enchantment. Combining two level I enchantments yields a level II enchantment if applicable.

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Combining two level IV enchantments yields a level V enchantment if applicable. Make sure that you have two of one type of enchantment. You cannot combine enchantments of different levels e. Place both enchantment books in the anvil.