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Sex only produces a temporary life. No man born of sex ever lived 1 years. In the Millenium the Bride will live for 1 years as proof that their new bodies did not come through sex and thus they have eternal life, not a temporary life. That new body will be the final proof of our deliverance from sin. Look at David setting down there with five hundred wives, and the Bible said, "He was a man after God's own heart. That, up on top the mountain at Tucson, here not long ago, I was up there praying about it.

They dismissed the schools, to watch that Pillar of Fire circle the mountain and go in a funnel, back and forth, up and down. People around here knows it, there and saw It; and it when He told me the Truth of this marriage and divorce, questioned. If there's one side going this way, and one going that way, there's got to be a Truth somewhere. After those Seven Seals, He showed what was the Truth of it. When Christ sets on the Throne in the Millennium, His Bride will be not one person, but it'll be tens of thousands, the Bride, all in One.

And David had many wives, as individuals, but only all of them together was his wife. He was the Man. Now, we were made for Christ. Christ wasn't made for us. And beauty, modern worldly beauty, is of the Devil. And he was the most beautiful Angel of all of them. Showed, it lays in the Devil. Proverbs said, Solomon said, "Beauty is vain. Sin is beautiful.

Helping Children with Divorce or Separation

Certainly, it is. It's attractive. Hold that in your mind. David represented Christ. And this David, a man after God's Own heart, had five hundred wives. See what I mean?

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David with his five hundred wives, Solomon with his thousand. But that's natural, sex life.

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This is going to be spiritual, created. See, that's the way it was at the beginning , but not now in this life we live in now. But not one of those women could even have one more husband. He is the original creation, not her. Not one of those women could have one more husband, but that one husband could have a thousand wives. That's the Bible. A man just took as many wives as he wanted.

This represents how Jesus can just take as many members of His Bride as He wishes. Death is cause of sin of the woman, come through the woman and not the man. By her way of living her life, and by her, all death comes. Her way of giving life is death. How many knows that? Job 14, if you want to put down the Scripture. Every man that's born of a woman, is born in death as soon as he comes. Eternal Life come by the Tree. She is the fruit tree. You're the fruit of your mother. The fruit of the womb is you. And then the fruit of the Tree of Life, that was in the garden of Eden, is Christ.

Through the woman come death; through the Man, in the original creation, come Life.

To be born of a woman is death; to be born of Christ is Life. Get the idea? That's where. Now you see where the goddesses went to, don't you?

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Now the multiplication of Adam and Eve was through sex, to replenish the earth, but it wasn't so at the beginning. God just made a male and a female, like He did His other creatures, see, legal, just like the Church. Did you know that? You want to read that? All right, you get in the Leviticals, Leviticus and Ezekiel , and It'll show you that the priesthood was not to marry a woman that's been touched by man.

This type is of the virgin Bride of Jesus Christ , because they handled the Fire of God, the priests did, Aaron's sons.


Divorce, Islam and me: 'I will for ever be the woman who left two husbands'

We haven't got time to read It all, and get out by noon, we got twenty minutes yet. And them is Aaron's sons that handled the--the--the Fire of God, so they could not marry a woman that had been touched by another man. The unchanging God said so. They could not marry another woman, and a woman been touched by a man, showing in type here, if you want to see it, that the Church of the living God is purely, unadulterated, the Word of God, and not a denomination that's been handled by man.

The serpent has sex with Eve. Thus the serpent tore her hymen, shedding blood. Original sin was sex. Sex would introduce a life that had to die. So God accepted killing or shedding the blood of an animal as an atonement for sin. God thus requires a woman to be a virgin when she gets married.

The Ministry in Matrimony & the Destruction of Divorce

If she is not, she must confess this sin to her future husband first. If she does not, she is guilty of taking a false wedding vow as she has had sex before marriage, which is called fornication.

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When her husband discovers she is not a virgin he is not actually married to her as she has taken a false vow which is not binding and that is the only reason for which he can divorce her and remarry a virgin. If, after being married, she commits adultery with another man, her husband can divorce her but not remarry as she has broken her vow but it was a proper vow that is binding until death parts them. And they shall spread the cloth before the elders of the city.

If it is another man who does this to her then this act may lead to her looking up to this other man and thus, when she marries, she may not look up to her husband as her head. Even if she does not look up to the first man who slept with her, the fact that her husband never took away her virginity means that she does not look up to him in this regard.

This can make it more difficult for her to obey her husband, especially if she does not have a submissive spirit. Then it is far more difficult for her husband to be responsible for her and if he then finds out about her past, he can divorce her and marry a virgin who is more likely to be submissive as no other man has come between her and her husband.

However, if the guilty woman is sensible and does look up to her husband as her head and is prepared to be submissive towards him, then he may well decide to forgive her and stay with her. I want you to notice here, to support this same idea of "one" and "many. I think it's Matthew , 31 to begin with. It has been said, Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement:. But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving Fornication is sex before marriage and that makes the marriage vow invalid, leaving the man free to remarry a virgin.

That false vow is the only reason for divorce and remarriage. Care what she does and who she is, she's got a living husband, there is no grounds for her at all. But, it's not, for him. Get it? You have to make the Word run in continuity. See, nothing saying he couldn't, but she can't. See, "causes her," not him. That's exactly what the Bible says, "causes her.

Christ in the type. He can remarry.

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He can, he can remarry again if it's a virgin, but he can't marry somebody else's wife. No indeedy. And if he does marry a divorced woman, he is living in adultery, I don't care who he is. The Bible said, "Whosoever marrieth her that is put away, liveth in adultery. Remarrying, now notice, he can, but she can't. Like David, like Solomon, like the continuity of the whole Bible, now, same as David and the rest of them.