Chasing Passions Behind Closed Doors

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Our other Italian passion episode occurred at a little restaurant across from our hotel.

Eric Dean and the GT40

Krys and I were well into the lemoncello for dessert when we saw the punchy owner chase a recently departed group down the laneway. What would normally be defused behind closed doors instead descended into a screaming match in the middle of the tables, with some phrases making the normally unflappable customers tilt their heads. Mid argument the waiter needed a cigarette so reached onto a table to grab a flickering decorative candle to light it while continuing to yell forcefully. It all ended with a waiter storm out and the owner walking back into the restaurant to find random staff to yell at, before he reappeared at our table to politely ask how we enjoyed our meal.

We have since taken on some walks that in hindsight were probably beyond us, and Krys has got herself into a European swimsuit, but more on that later….

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Chasing Passions Behind Closed Doors

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Our intentions mean nothing. In other words, our will be just like our unless we exert a force to change our direction that is greater than comfort we enjoy by continuing to do what we have always done producing the same results again and again. No force, no change. Get on a new path. New actions will produce different results. For every cause, there is an effect.

Today is connected to tomorrow. Every action we take and everything we say is taking us somewhere. We just need to be sure we are on the path that is taking us where we want to go; a path that is taking us to the person we want to become. If we work harder than we did last year, then we will do better. If we sacrifice now, then we are investing in our future. If we reflect, then we will grow. If we improve our leadership, then people will follow us. If we are courageous, then we will inspire. If we are curious, then we will learn. If we avoid the trappings of power, then we will stay connected with those we serve.

If we surround ourselves with the right people, then we will be enriched and will lift others up. If we are authentic and humble, then we will build trust. If we work this law to our advantage, then we will eradicate regret. If we don't improve, then our circumstances won't improve either. Life naturally pushes us off-course and takes us on tangents. Anything meaningful in life is produced by moving upstream — against the current. We need to make some course corrections.

We all do from time to time. Of course, this implies getting uncomfortable. As we look at our life, we all have directions that need to be changed. It helps to begin this process by asking ourselves questions and giving serious and honest thought to the answers. What habits are holding me back?

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  • What three things do I want to accomplish by ? What does a good day look like? What routines keep me on track? Why do I do what I do? And most importantly, what am I grateful for? Then drill down into specific areas of your life: Do I make time to study and grow spiritually? What habits are draining my time and attention? What activities replenish me?

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    Am I taking time to relax and grow in other areas of interest? Am I sleep deprived? Am I eating healthy and avoiding processed foods? What do I need to change in my diet in ?

    Am I exercising regularly? Am I drinking enough water? Is my morning and evening routine setting me up for my best day? Am I living within my means? How much do I want to make in ? What do I have to do to reach that amount? What weaknesses do I need to minimize? Am I where I would like to be in my work or career? How can I increase the value I bring to work? What relationships are building me up? Are any relationships taking me off-track? Who do I take for granted? Do I support those around me? Do I support and encourage others? Do I focus on building others up?

    Do I make time for others? Where do I need to grow? What strengths do I need to improve on? What do I need to learn? What books do I need to read? What seminars do I need to attend? What can I learn from the mistakes I made in ? The key to moving forward is the first step. Every destination needs to be broken down into incremental markers or indicators on the way to the destination. What is the first thing you need to do to get you moving in the right direction?

    As you begin, focus on the actions required and not the end result. A small step is easier than a leap. Once the first step is made, it is easier to continue down the right path to your desired destination. Leading Matters: John L. Hennessy on the Leadership Journey A. Didn't See It Coming T. Asking for help makes most of us uncomfortable and we often go to great lengths to avoid doing it. We fear rejection.

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    We fear that people we think less of us. But the truth is we need the help and support of others to succeed. To be sure, leadership is fundamentally about asking people for help. Making matters worse, our intuitions about what should make others more likely to help are often dead wrong; our fumbling, apologetic ways of asking for assistance generally make people feel far less likely to want to help.