Atlas of Spleen Pathology (Atlas of Anatomic Pathology)

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Note that the cutsurface has is a deep red color, similar to the spleen. Image courtesy ofL. Small fragments of spleen tissue are entrappedwithin a portion, usually distal, of the pancreas normal pancreatic tis-sue; right. Although these can vary in size, they are usually quite small.

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In this case, the elements are predominant red pulp components, sug-gesting that this was a relatively early embryologic event. Image cour-tesy of R. Gross image of polysplenia. Although this anatomic abnormality can be seen associ-ated with normal function, it is often associated with other, severe con-genital abnormalities. Image courtesy of D. Another example of a small gross specimen froma fetus with polysplenia.

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Separated nodules of spleen tissue are present. Each nodule would have its own artery and vein, which eventuallymerge into the common splenic artery or vein. Still another example of polysplenia. Note thatthe lobes of the spleen have not completely fused. Image courtesy ofD. Microscopic image of splenosis. Gross image of splenosis. In this case, there arenodular, dark red tissue fragments attached to segments of bowel.

Thismost often occurs after trauma, when the spleen is ruptured. Small frag-ments of splenic tissue are seeded throughout the abdominal cavity. Each establishes its own blood supply and functions as a tiny but com-plete spleen. In cases of splenectomy and pathologic processes, such ashemolytic anemias, these small displaced splenic fragments mayenlarge greatly. Ectopic splenic tissue in a sectionedtesticle lower. The splenic tissue has the usual deep red color, withnormal, somewhat compressed testicular tissue in the upper portion ofthe sampleFig.

Gross image of spleno-ovarian eg,splenogonadal fusion. In this case, there is a physical attachmentbetween the stretched and elongated splenic fragment, which has teth-ered a portion of the left ovary. In the descent of the testes from the mesonephros, small portionsof spleen tissue may be transported.

When these fragments are attached,it is splenogonadal fusion; when unattached, these fragments may bepresent as inguinal lumps, within the inguinal canal, simulating aherniaFig. This spleen is enlarged by a low-gradeB-cell lymphoma. These grooves are a normal variant, and areresidual separations from the original embryologic splenic lobes thatare incompletely fused in the adult.

Image courtesy of W. A biopsy of the left lower lobe of lungrevealed this tissue.

In this case, the lung was missed and a sample ofnormal spleen was taken a. Normal splenic architecture is highlightedby CD8 staining b , which is a useful stain for highlighting splenic redpulp architecture 6. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.

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Atlas of Spleen Pathology

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Atlas of Spleen Pathology

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